User Account Provisioning

Error free and effortless User Account Management

Connections made simple with Xporter

HelloID is pleased to announce our partnership with GroupCall to leverage the power of Xporter for full Active Directory, Azure AD and Google Workspace integration.

By utilising Xporter from GroupCall, data is securely shared from your Student Information System and HelloID. Xporter supports SIMS, CMIS, Progresso, PupilAsset, RM G2, Engage, Arbor, Bromcom, iSAMS, ScholarPack, SchoolBase, SchoolPod, WCBS and SEEMiS.

Groupcall Xporter for schools

Xporter is installed in over 20,000 schools to transfer data safely, securely, uniformly, and all under your control. HelloID can read this data to keep your user accounts in ActiveDirectory, AzureAD and Google Workspace 100% upto date and current.

New Students immediately productive

A user account with the correct rights is the most important way to get the student working efficiently. HelloID Provisioning automates the entire onboarding process. The new student’s account is ready on the first day, with the correct permissions, file share access and email. The student is immediately productive and involved in the organisation.

Making life easy for the IT department

The automated link with the Student Information System makes your organisation much more productive and efficient. Changes to user accounts are immediately implemented in the network, without the intervention of manual actions. 

Fast and safe onboarding, promotion and off boarding

As a student progresses through the school, the HelloID flow process ensures that the correct rights and licenses are re-assigned for their new year. When a student leaves the organisation, HelloID terminates their rights and licenses, and removes their accounts from the network.

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