User Lifecycle

A modern Identity and Access Management Solution for Joiners, Movers, and Leavers (JML)

HR Data Is Gold

Modern organisations are increasingly adopting policies that position HR systems as their core identity registration. This is because HR can provide an organisation with its highest quality data as the initial point of entry. No user account lifecycle stages offer more control.

All other linked systems can synchronise their data against HR’s core registry. This forms the perfect foundation for User Lifecycle Management.

New Employees

Once an HR application has been completed by a new employee, most of the information needed to create and manage their user account has been provided in the collection of their personal and employment data. By linking this HR data to the rest of the network, Identity management processes can be fully automated. With very little effort, your IT Department can ditch some of its most burdensome account management processes.

On Boarding/Provisioning

With HelloID, an individual’s identity, user account, email, and group memberships are created according to an organisation’s configured business rules.

Using the concept of entitlements, privileges can be added based on department, or any other collected information from HR. Additional information, such as job role or title, can be used for additional attributes.


When a change is made to HR data HelloID detects this and synchronises the updates before adjusting network access. The business rules and entitlements can be tested before being applied, and the configured entitlements for the user account added or removed.

Using HelloID’s advanced mapper, name changes can be updated in target systems with just a simple toggle.


HelloID can detect that a contract has been terminated and when it does so deactivate the terminated employee’s user accounts in secure phases. Their rights are stripped and moved to a different OU.

As part of this process, not only can emails be triggered but all changes are recorded for compliance and reporting purposes.

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