Two Factor Authentication

One multi-factor standard for all your apps

Most company data is now being stored online, with the majority moving over to the cloud. With so many 2FA methods available, it can soon become very difficult for the end user to manage the multiple factors needed to access their applications.

Standardise 2FA

With HelloID, IT Administrators can provide the business with a standard method of 2FA through the HelloID interface. Access can be controlled at portal level or by individual application, allowing a standardised 2FA for the business. HelloID supports Push to Verify, email and a multitude of security keys to ensure consistency and ease of use across the application landscape.

The advanced cloud proxy in HelloID redirects login attempts back to the HelloID Portal.

Has your organisation already invested in a 2FA solution? Our Radius support will protect your investment.

Cloud Proxy

The advanced Cloud Proxy Server in HelloID adds extra access protection for SSO. By adding this proxy functionality, it’s possible to block direct access to web applications and resources, ensuring that access to cloud applications can only be achieved via the HelloID Dashboard.

This ensures use of your chosen 2FA and access policies. The HelloID Portal records all logon information for reporting and compliance purposes.

Radius Server Support

HelloID’s Cloud Single Sign-On (SSO) multifactor authentication functionality comes with Radius support as standard. With this extension, HelloID can be linked to any One-Time Password (OTP) client.

Radius (Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service) is a client/server protocol for remote authorisation and authentication. With Radius, the login data of the end user is validated against the Active Directory (AD) of the organisation and access to the local network (LAN) is protected. With the addition of the Radius client to the SSO portal, multifactor authentication solutions (such as One Time Password that requires additional authentication when users log into the network) are fully supported.

Multiple Protocols

eMail, SMS, Hardware token, OATH, the choice is yours! Straightforward configuration from the admin dashbaord.

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