Single Sign-On

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Simplify Single Sign-On with HelloID, which provides an easy to configure environment with advanced security and access controls.

Single Sign-On

Cloud based applications have seen a significant growth in popularity in recent years, mostly due to the main advantage they offer in not requiring any on-premise software or infrastructure. Whilst cloud based applications offer many advantages to organisations, they often require multiple account details in the form of different usernames and passwords for numerous applications. This can lead to frustration from the end user as well as a loss of productivity.

Unified Dashboard

HelloID allows users to authenticate using just their domain credentials*. Once authentication is successful, the user is presented with a customisable Dashboard containing their available applications. All subsequent logons are then handled by HelloID, automatically verifying the user’s identity on the cloud system, allowing for immediate and seamless access.

*Or other IdP.

Single Sign-On Protocols

HelloID supports all existing SSO protocols (such as; SAML, HTTP(s) Post, OpenID connect, WS Federation and basic authentication) to enable automated Single Sign-On (SSO) for the various applications. HelloID can still provide SSO for user convenience even if a vendor does support any SSO protocol, or with legacy applications, via a browser extension that enables a ‘catch-all.’ SSO access for all end users is guaranteed.


The HelloID portal saves the link between the identity and the various applications, however authentication to the portal and to the various applications are kept separate for security purposes. Only when a user launches an application are access tokens retrieved; access tokens are not stored by HelloID and this improves security and protects from malicious attacks.

The combination of 2FA and HelloID’s access control policies allows administrators to control application access without having a detrimental effect on productivity, whilst ensuring a secure environment for the business.

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