Self-service Workflow Management

With HelloID, it is now possible to request resources and applications without involving the service desk

End users are busy and require full support from the IT Department to access the data and applications needed for them to carry out their duties. HelloID Self Service allows the end user to make access and application requests without involving the service desk; improving efficiency, saving time and ensuring compliance.

Self Service With Approval Workflow

Across all of IT, more and more services are being offered via self service. Rather than call or send an email, a request is entered into the company’s service desk software. However, the ticket at the IT Service Desk must still be actioned by a service desk operator, meaning processing remains a manual task.

For an organisation to grow their technological maturity they must automate these tasks. With HelloID’s Self Service functionality, this automation comes as standard and helps ease the service desk’s workload in a simple and efficient manner. This automation leads to improved productivity across the entire organisation.

Request, Approve And Action

To gain access to a file share, a new application, or even a piece of hardware the end user must enter a request into the organisation’s service desk software and wait for it to be processed. Once the ticket has been created, the Service Desk Operator must check with Management that the access request is genuine and can be processed. This often leads to frustration for the end user as they wait for the ticket to be processed.

To automate this process, HelloID Self Service & Workflow Management forwards the request straight to the manager for approval. If approval is granted, HelloID then automatically makes the change in the target system.

Shipping with an extensive task catalogue, fully extendable with custom PowerShell actions, HelloID administrators can fully customise their environment.

Return Or Time Out

There is always some risk when manually making changes to target systems. Human error, for example, may result in giving users unnecessary access to applications.

Manual changes are a thing of the past with HelloID Self Service, though. Access to a share or an application can be given with a time limit; two weeks to work on a project, for example. After those two weeks, HelloID automatically reverses the change to the target system and access is revoked. The end user can also return unused access of an application, freeing up the licence for another user and saving the organisation time and licence fees.

Available Licenses And Cost

HelloID allows for ease of management and cost analysis by supporting licence control and licence cost.

When all available software licences are exhausted, the product can no longer be requested from the application catalogue until a licence is returned or automatically revoked when an agreed upon access time is exhausted.

HelloID not only supports licence control but also makes compliance easy. Reports can also be generated to give an overview of licence spend.

Segregation Of Duty

All companies know not to combine roles such as receiving cheques (payment on account) and approving write-offs, depositing cash and reconciling bank statements, approving timecards and having custody of pay cheques, and so on. Yet Segregation of Duty (SoD) within the IT Department is still a relatively new concept.

HelloID takes the principles found in Finance Systems and extends them to the IT landscape, preventing the end user from requesting two products or multiple levels of access that could expose the company to fraud or theft.

With HelloID, the business retains full control whilst still complying with the IT Audit.

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