Give managers control over network related tasks through the HelloID Dashboard


Reading HR data and processing Joiners, Movers and Leavers (JML) in large organisations does not always provide enough flexibility. One example of this is when a manager employs a temporary worker. The details of the new hire do not get entered into the HR system and a hole is left in the provisioning process. In order to provide that flexibility, HelloID’s Provisioning module provides comprehensive provisioning.

Delegation To Managers

Using the HelloID Dashboard, managers can perform network related tasks as defined by the HelloID administrator. This means an employee no longer needs to call the service desk for a password reset, or even use a self service password reset tool. With HelloID, the employee can ask their manager to reset their password using a secure delegated form that is set up in just minutes. And if an employee is dismissed, their manager can immediately disable their account.

Service Desk Delegation

Just as with delegation for managers, the scope of HelloID forms can be extended out to a more global level. Rather than only managers being able to make changes to their staff, forms can be delegated using Active Directory groups, for example. With this extension, service desk operators can quickly make changes to accounts without having the necessary permissions in the target systems. This provides a secure and error-free environment that is both streamlined and efficient.

Service Desk Integration

Organisations would rather just one portal to manage customer service and service delivery than provide an additional portal for such tasks. With our powerful APIs, HelloID can be seamlessly integrated with other platforms, such as ServiceNow and Topdesk. By integrating with TOPdesk, end users can navigate through the service desk, use Single Sign-On and delegated forms, and request access to products and folders. All of this without leaving the TOPdesk portal or having to remember any further passwords.

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