HelloID fully supports Citrix

Full Citrix Support

As companies move away from legacy desktop apps, we understand that we need to support these apps to provide the full SSO experience. Some applications may only be available in the Citrix Environment, and as such we fully support Citrix.

Add the Citrix icon to your HelloID dashboard and give a 100% SSO experiance to your end users!


Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) can be added to the Citrix Login, in order to remain compliant.However, as a HelloID admin, you can specify many methods of MFA from a push message to the end user’s phone, Token2 or YubiKey. Simple, cost effective MFA for Citrix can be deployed within HelloID in minutes.

Security As Standard

Security is at the heart of HelloID. The advanced security policies within HelloID can be configured to control access via People, Locations, Networks, Times & Dates, and Operating System.

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