Data Management

Hand control of company data back to the department managers, whilst gaining an insight into who has access to what data

Data Management

Who has access to what? A mystery for many organisations. With HelloID, not only do department managers get an insight into who has access to their data, but control is handed back to them; relieving the pressure on IT and ensuring access is compliant and correct.

Service Desk

Managing file system access is one of the more time-consuming tasks for the service desk. Once a ticket requesting access to a share has been received, the service desk must then determine whether the requested access should be approved or denied. With permission established, for employees to gain access to these shared files service desk staff must perform a series of manual tasks. These manual tasks can often be prone to errors and leave access permissions in an inconsistent and non-compliant state. This is especially the case when access should only be temporary.

Data Owners

The HelloID Data Management process is fully automated. Access to folders and shares can be independently managed by a project manager, department manager or assistant as a data owner. Other employees can send access requests directly to the data owner, without the intervention of the service desk.

HelloID allows the automatic creation of folders and groups, the setting of permissions and the performing of any other actions necessary for data owners to create and manage shares, all without involving the service desk.


HelloID ships with extensive reports which can be scheduled to suit your organisation’s needs. This serves to further satisfy audit requirements and assist both managers and IT staff.

With HelloID, managers can see an overview of staff that report to them, what products and access their staff have and who approved products and access to shares. The included detailed cost analysis gives data owners and managers an overview of spend per product.

The IT Department also get full audit logs of who approved a product or granted access, right through to HelloID logins for full transparency.

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