Service Automation

HelloID’s Self Service functionality provides simple and efficient automation, sure to ease your service desk’s workload

Take your service desk to the next level by having staff request access to resources through the HelloID Dashboard and letting the owners of those resources handle the approval process. By fully automating the backend process and audit logging, the IT Department have more time to focus on other, more critical tasks.

Self Service

Across all of IT, more and more services are being offered via self service. Rather than calling or sending an email, a request is entered into TOPdesk, ServiceNow, Zendesk or another IT portal. However, this means further manual processing is required and someone at the IT service desk must action a ticket.

To further an organisation’s technological maturity, automating these tasks is essential. And with HelloID’s Self Service functionality, that automation comes as standard. Not only that, but this functionality eases the service desk’s workload in a simple and efficient manner, leading to improved organisation-wide productivity. HelloID can also integrate with existing portals and provide users with a one stop shop for all their IT requirements.

Product Catalogue

The HelloID product catalogue supplies the organisation with an inventory of requestable resources and applications via the HelloID Dashboard.

Applications or resources are requested through the HelloID Dashboard. This request is then sent to the appropriate manager or resource owner, who can approve or deny the request. Once approved, HelloID processes the request and makes the change needed to allow access to the application or resource. This bypasses the service desk and improves their efficiency and productivity. And because the appropriate manager or resource owner is responsible for the approval, compliance is guaranteed.

Self Service Workflow Management

Most modern-day organisations provide all kinds of services to their employees via portals. Where previously you received a hard copy of your payslip, this payslip can now be viewed in the HR portal. The same principle also applies to self service portals for facility management, planning, and other business processes. Thanks to HelloID, it is now possible to request resources and applications without the involvement of the service desk.

Data Management

HelloID Data Management offers a fully automated process. Without the intervention of the service desk, access to folders and shares can be independently managed by a project manager, department manager or assistant as a data owner. Access requests can also be sent directly to the data owner from other employees.

HelloID can automatically create folders, groups, set permissions and perform other necessary actions to allow the data owner to create and manage shares without involving the service desk.


HelloID offers additional controls, such as temporary approval to prevent a user accumulating access permissions that threaten compliance. Segregation of Duty (SoD) is also supported; for example, if a user has access to application “A” then access to application “B” can be automatically denied.

HelloID gives the manager direct insight into which employees are active in their department and which licences, applications and shares are in use. Thanks to HelloID’s Self Service capabilities, the burden on the service desk is greatly reduced.

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