Access Management

Simplify and secure access to your cloud applications with SSO, MFA, cloud proxy and secure access rules

HelloID Access Management offers employees, partners and even customers a uniform and straightforward way to access all available cloud applications via a single portal; the HelloID Dashboard. Authentication takes place via your chosen Identity Provider (IdP) or a local HelloID user account. Easily add Multifactor Authentication (MFA) for extra verification, and control access to applications via Location, IP Address, Date & Time and more.

Deploy and Secure Your SSO

A solution that tightly integrates with your IdP to provide modular access to web-based applications? That’s HelloID!

IT Departments will likely be familiar with this concept for desktop application support, but HelloID takes this process further and extends it to cloud-based applications. One example of this can be seen in adding and removing applications to an end user’s dashboard, which can be done by manipulating group memberships in Active Directory.

MFA can be added with ease and allows the end user to select their preferred method of authentication. Policies can be applied as an authentication method to the HelloID Dashboard or, for complete control, at an individual application level.

With HelloID supporting a wide range of software and hardware tokens (such as, Microsoft Authenticator, Google Auth, SMS, Email and FIDO2 compliant devices like a YubiKey) you can be assured of strong, hardware-based authentication using Public/Private key cryptography. Has your organisation already invested in authentication tokens? HelloID can support this existing investment through Radius integration.

If you want to prevent direct access to an application and therefore avoid HelloID’s MFA security layer, please call us for details on our advanced cloud proxy.

SSO Everywhere

HelloID supports all existing SSO protocols (such as, SAML, HTTP(s) Post, OpenID Connect, WS Federation and basic authentication) to enable automated Single Sign-On (SSO) for all applications. Even with legacy applications, or if a vendor does not support any SSO protocol, HelloID can still provide for user convenience via a browser extension that enables a ‘catch-all.’ This guarantees SSO access for all end users.

HelloID ships with a catalogue containing the most popular applications, along with generic templates for all supported protocols. This enables administrators to easily add custom applications and home-grown websites.

Full Access Control

In the management portal, administrators can govern the login process with easy to configure access policies. Extended access rules may also be set based on IP address, network type, location, time, device and application. With the administrator determining who will gain access to the portal or underlying applications, and under what conditions, it’s possible to block access to an application from an external network, tablet or smartphone, from abroad or at specific times, like outside of office hours.

Reporting And Compliance

The authentication process is automatically monitored, and reports are available regarding who has access to which applications, at what time and from which location. This provides the administrator with a detailed picture of the authentication path as well as showing failed login attempts and any attempts made via a suspicious IP address. As a result, the authentication process becomes transparent, verifiable and adjustable. And any possible threats can be identified so that the business can take countermeasures – something that’s not only desirable but also required by regulation.

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