Why Cloud?

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Tools4ever is an Identity and Access Management market leader with over 5 million active users in the US, Netherlands, UK, Germany and France. We serve a wide range of organisations across all industries, varying in size from 300 to more than 200,000 user accounts.

Tools4ever recently migrated its HelloID offering from a hybrid model – that incorporated private cloud and on-premise deployments – to a cloud-only solution running on Microsoft’s Azure cloud infrastructure.

In this article, we explain the drivers behind this migration, our approach, and how customers benefit.

Drivers For The Cloud-Only Migration

Cloud technology – specifically Tools4ever’s Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) suite – has reached maturity. Gartner positions IaaS as being very close to the final ‘plateau of productivity’ stage on their cloud computing technologies ‘hype cycle’, which interprets the timelines of industry expectations for a given technology breakthrough. Results from a cloud survey performed by RightScale indicate that 96% of companies already use the cloud today – with 92% using public cloud infrastructure. On average, organisations make use of 4.8 different cloud offerings over the full range of private, public and hybrid services.

Many of Tools4ever’s customers have been rapidly migrating their IT landscapes to the cloud. The key driver for these migrations is a need for greater flexibility and adaptation. Cloud technologies also provide organisations with a cost-efficient method for focusing on the optimisation of core business operations. As a result of these widespread migration strategies, our customers were demanding our Identity and Access Management solutions be cloud-based also.

We are listening to our customers.

IaaS Offerings Provide Advanced Capabilities

 Given these demands, and our firm belief in cloud technology, we started adapting our Identity Governance and Administration solutions from on-premise towards a cloud-enabled portfolio. HelloID is our first implementation of a ‘cloud-only product’ and is fully designed, developed and tested for public cloud deployment. This is a milestone for Tools4ever.

Until recently, we supported HelloID for both on-premise and private cloud installations. However, our Azure public cloud facilities have increasingly outgrown today’s on-premise and private cloud capabilities and maintaining a combined on-premise and public cloud offering is no longer a sustainable option. Therefore, we decided to discontinue the on-premise and private cloud offerings to focus all our expertise on accelerating the public cloud roadmap for HelloID.

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