User Account Provisioning

Error free and effortless User Account Management

HR Data is Gold

Modern organisations are increasingly adopting policies that position HR systems as their core identity registration (single point of truth). This is because HR can provide an organisation with its highest quality data as the initial point of entry. No user account lifecycle stages offer more control.

All other linked systems can synchronise their data against HR’s core registry. This forms the perfect foundation for User Lifecycle Management.

Easily comply with audits

With HelloID, rights can be assigned and taken away from users. In this way you prevent a user from continuing to hold unnecessary rights or licenses (rights accumulation) or that a former employee still has access to company-sensitive information. This limits the chance of privacy leaks and helps organisations to comply with current laws and regulations.

New employee immediately productive

We want to help new colleagues get started as quickly as possible. A user account with the correct rights is the most important way to get the employee working efficiently. HelloID Provisioning automates the entire onboarding process. The new employee’s account is ready on the first working day, with the correct permissions. The employee is immediately productive and involved in the organisation.

Making life easy for the IT department

The automated link with the HR system (CIPHR, iTrent, Bamboo HR, SAP, etc.) makes your organisation much more productive and efficient. Data is managed in one place in the organisation instead of different departments. Changes are immediately implemented in the network, without the intervention of manual actions.

Fast and safe onboarding, promotion and off boarding

HelloID guarantees new starters have the correct rights and licenses for their job role. When a user is promoted or moves department, the HelloID flow process ensures that the correct rights and licenses are re-assigned for their new position. When a user leaves the organisation, HelloID terminates their rights and licenses, and removes their accounts from the network.

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