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“HelloID, Tools4ever’s cloud-based IDaaS solution providing Service Automation, has been rolled out and integrated with Tronox’s TOPdesk software.” 

“Users can request access to applications themselves via HelloID. Their manager can approve the request with one click, after which the change is automatically processed in the IT infrastructure. In addition to greater operational efficiency, the workload for Tronox’s Service Desk has decreased.” 

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“HelloID, Tools4ever’s cloud-based IDaaS solution providing Access Control and SSO, has been rolled out to support 1,000 locations and 4,500 employees.”

“The turnaround time for orders has improved and the satisfaction of employees at the locations has been increased by removing a number of passwords. In addition, the password-related management burden is considerably reduced.”

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Maas and Waal Care Group

“Using HelloID’s powerful SSO and Access Management, employees are no-longer required to memorise a multitude of passwords to gain access to their care applications. The complex and time-consuming matter of password management for both users and administrators has disappeared.”

“From 400 password reset requests per month to two per week, Maas & Waal were immediately able to make the savings transparent and justify HelloID to the organisation.”

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“Tools4ever’s QR code scanning facilitates faster, more secure logins for students on their computers or tablets. Printed on passes, the QR codes replace complicated usernames and passwords to provide easy access to all of a student’s education applications.”

“Thanks to HelloID, with QR codes students can now log in to their Chromebook easily, independently and quickly. We saw the use increase immediately after the introduction of the passes. The computers are now used daily and form a natural part of our education. Both pupils and teachers are enthusiastic.”

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