OpenID Connect Certification

Tools4ever is OpenID certified for its HelloID Identity as a Service (IDaaS) platform. The certification provides users with a guarantee of the quality and interoperability of the HelloID OpenID Connect implementation.

HelloID is a modern and secure cloud-based Identity & Access Management (IAM) solution. With HelloID, organizations do not have to invest in their own hardware, storage and software. The installation and configuration are literally a matter of hours and Tools4ever takes care of its management. The HelloID service supports all Single Sign-On protocols including OpenID Connect.

OpenID Connect is a decentralized authentication mechanism, based on the OAuth 2.0 specification. OpenID Connect makes it possible for users to log in with their OpenID identity in different places and is used by, among others, market leaders such as Google and Microsoft. The OpenID Foundation has a certification program to guarantee the quality and interoperability of OpenID Connect implementations. Tools4ever has successfully completed this program for its HelloID service.

The OpenID Connect certification confirms the high quality of the OpenID Connect implementation within HelloID Identity as a Service. This gives customers extra assurance about the quality of our services.

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