NEN 7510 Certification

Tools4ever is certified for NEN 7510 by Brand Compliance, leading in the field of audits and certifications.

The NEN 7510 standard is a standard developed by the Dutch Standardisation Institute for Information Security for the healthcare sector in the Netherlands. The starting point is the international ISO 27001 standard, but specifically describes how to handle medical and patient data.

Certification is Important
The healthcare sector is extremely complex. Not only different from other sectors, but also different from care sectors abroad. The data we work with is very privacy sensitive. At the same time, there is a large and complex network of care providers, patients, health insurers and government agencies. All parties in that network collect, store, process and transport healthcare information.

Our Tools4ever solutions are used intensively within healthcare chains. It is therefore important that we guarantee that we handle all critical data carefully and confidentially. With a NEN 7510 certification we prove that we handle this privacy sensitive data correctly. A certification is clear and transparent evidence to patients, clients, healthcare institutions, health insurers and supervisors.

About Brand Compliance
Brand Compliance develops and tests standards and agreements frameworks from its offices in the Netherlands, Belgium and Sweden. International customers are served in various sectors. Brand Compliance makes the reliability of organisations visible to the outside world. So that customers, suppliers or other stakeholders know who they are dealing with.

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