Automated access control

posted by HelloID Icon HelloID 23 April 2021

Automated access control

Employees requiring access to certain files, folders or even software will often request access via the IT service desk. Although it can take just a few clicks to grant access, the request interrupts the IT team and, multiplied throughout the day, can add hours to the IT team’s workload over time.

With the right service automation, the user’s personal details and authorisation level are used to automatically grant or deny access, as requests interact with backend workflows that secure permissions and initiate processes automatically. Alternatively, a manager (rather than the IT team) can quickly approve an access request. 

No more mistakes

A common problem for IT teams is being assigned tickets meant for someone else and subsequently wasting time triaging and routing tickets. This isn’t just detrimental to the IT team’s performance, but also lengthens response and resolution times with a knock-on effect that ultimately impacts the wider organisation.

With smart software that automates ticket triaging, everyone can work more effectively and efficiently as tickets aren’t lost or misplaced.

Status updates and onboarding information

For complex problems, the IT Service Desk can be inundated with calls and emails as a user tries to track the progress of their issue. Once again, this adds to the team member’s workload and is likely to actually slow down the speed of resolution.

Keeping users in the loop about your progress on solving their issues is another service that can be automated; features that send email updates automatically for triggers like updated ticket statuses or new comments save the IT team time and ensure peace of mind for other users.

Password and account security

IT support spends a lot of time on password-related tasks, from resetting forgotten passwords to unlocking accounts after multiple failed attempts. Self-service can ensure a faster, yet just as secure, way for staff to reset passwords without having to contact the IT Service Desk.

HelloID: Service automation

HelloID is a secure, cloud-based Identity & Access Management (IAM) solution. HelloID helps you streamline and automate business processes to reduce the workload for your IT Service Desk. From user on-boarding to password self-service, HelloID enables your IT system to do more, with less effort – whilst ensuring total security.

To see how HelloID could benefit your business and stop wasting time on manual processes, contact HelloID today.