YubiKey Support

posted by HelloID Icon HelloID 23 February 2021

YubiKey keys have been supported on Windows, Mac, Linux and Android platforms for years, but not on iOS, until recently. Since Apple released iOS 13.3, there is now also support for the use of security keys in combination with Apple’s own web browser, Safari. This means that the YubiKey can now also be used with the iPhone.

A security key is a hardware-based two-factor authentication (2FA) key that provides simple and secure access to applications. A cheap 2FA method that allows you to log in even more securely and it offers an alternative to the more expensive well-known 2FA products such as RSA and Safenet.

Two factor without a smartphone

Logging in with a username and password alone is not enough, so additional authentication (2FA) is required. This verification can be a text message, email or soft token: Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, etc. However, a smartphone is required to receive a verification code but not everyone has a business smartphone. To add to the complexity, the purchase and management of business smartphones or 2FA product is very expensive.

A cheaper form of two-factor authentication (2FA) is possible without a smartphone. For example, by using a security key based on the open industry standard FIDO2. This method is even safer than using a phone, which can be hacked and text messages intercepted. HelloID supports various security keys , including the YubiKey. Most security keys work via USB, Bluetooth, NFC (contactless) or a special card reader. For just a few pounds, very secure and at the same time user-friendly access to applications is provided.

Advantages of YubiKey and other security keys

  • Based on the open industry standard FIDO2 ;
  • Cheap to buy;
  • You no longer need a smartphone to receive the 2FA;
  • Fast access to all applications;
  • Increases effectiveness, productivity and user experience;
  • Better and easier compliance with laws and regulations;
  • Possible to log in completely passwordless (this is not mandatory).