Working from Home

posted by HelloID Icon HelloID 23 July 2020

Working from home has been a positive experience for most of us, with 34% of businesses claiming that the “new normal” of home working has increased productivity.

To start working at home safely, it is extremely important that every employee has basic knowledge of IT security. This includes password management, making backups, not opening suspicious e-mails, etc. Set this up in a one-page document, so that every employee knows what the basic security rules are.


To access an application securely, you must log in with a username and password. These passwords must be strong, should not be used across multiple systems, and must be changed frequently. But an employee can use dozens of applications in one working day, logging in again and again, dozens of times a day. Employees will write down the usernames and passwords somewhere or save them (unsecured) on their desktop. The more passwords, the less secure your IT environment.

A simple solution for this is Single Sign-On (SSO). With SSO, users only have to log in once with a username and password and the software automatically completes the log-in procedure for each subsequent application.

Two-Factor Authentication / Multi-Factor Authentication

Wherever you are in the world, you should always be able to safely access your system. However, only logging in with a username and password is vulnerable, opening the target system up to phishing attacks, for example. By using a second factor, or even a third, you can be sure that the person logging in is actually the employee of your organization.

Two-Factor Authentication or Multi-Factor Authentication basically means that two (and sometimes three) steps must always be successfully completed to gain access to something. In addition to logging in with a username and password, additional authentication is then requested. Think of an SMS, security key, token or application.

Safe and fast access to applications and systems

HelloID is a 100% cloud-based Identity Management solution. With HelloID, employees get a modern, well-secured and cloud-based portal for all their IT applications. One portal, one username and password (possibly two-factor authentication), so quick access to all applications.

With HelloID, managers keep an overview of which employees are active and which licenses, applications, shares, etc. they have in use. Users can also request online access to applications or data, after which their manager can give approval with one click.