Two-Factor Authentication, cost or dire necessity

posted by HelloID Icon HelloID 20 May 2020

Importance of IT security and privacy protection

Our society is digitizing. Governments, healthcare institutions and companies are increasingly relying on their IT architecture. The data we process is also increasingly sensitive. Historically, it mainly concerned matters such as administration and stock data, now we also process enormous amounts of privacy-sensitive customer and personal data. A data breach can therefore cause enormous reputation damage, apart from the sky-high damage claims and fines that it can lead to.

Limitations of common IT security solutions

How do you ensure that you handle sensitive applications and data safely? An Identity and Access Management (IAM) system plays a central role in this . This allows you to monitor who has access to your data and applications.

Loging into such an IAM system is an important poit. Usernames and passwords are relatively easy to retrieve by hackers, and they are often unconsciously helped by employees themselves due to inaccuracies or predictable passwords.

You need extra security control. Especially when it comes to sensitive data. This also applies if people work outside the home and log in or use your systems outside office hours.

The added value of Two-Factor Authentication

With Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) you add an extra check before you give someone access to applications and data. The standard login methods only check something that the employee knows (his username and password). With 2FA, you combine this information with something that the employee actually owns physically. Such as a smartphone or a personal security key. This way you can be sure that the person who logs in is who he / she says he / she is.

Regardless of the 2FA chosen, the principle is always the same. Does a malicious person log in with someone’s username and password, but cannot access the smartphone or security key? Then he or she will not be able to access the system.

2FA, not a cost item, but a dire necessity

2FA is certainly not a cost issue. It is a necessity to fully protect your privacy-sensitive data. Various solutions are available for this , which are also optional within the HelloID IAM package.